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What is Country?

Country is the term used by mob to describe the lands, seas and waterways in which we are connected.

Current Projects

Landlessness” – the need for more caring ‘time / place / space’… An Indigenous led response and design on ‘landlessness’ created through ‘homelessness’.
SandTalk 2 – sequel to the award-winning book on ‘how Indigenous thinking can save the world…’
AIME Imagination University – Inaugural Adjunct Fellow – JMB…https://aimementoring.com/wp1/
Space Well Being – Deakin School of Engineering – Museum / Heritage kolab on ‘sky country’
Cynefein & Complexability – IK lens on social science ‘complexity thinking https://www.complexability.com.au/
CSIRO Regen Designs – …
Riteways wanjaus – Equity Partnerships Social Impact modelling
Riteways book – Another research fellow ‘book’ due December, end of year
Digital Child – ARC linkage IK support / kolab https://www.digitalchild.org.au/
Weekly Deakin Uni Kolabs / sense check on directional path & future projects
Weekly IKSL ‘think tanks‘ – IK closed yarns. IK leaders from all over Australia making time and space to yarn around the campfire of emergence…

Upcoming Projects

AIME + IKSL + Deakin School of Education – Un/C/5 Project
Regen projects / processes
Northern Rivers Serpent designs
IKSL ‘to scale
Black Siri project

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