The Other Others – ‘Extinction Offsets’

The Other Others
The Other Others
The Other Others - 'Extinction Offsets'
Dead air warning – sometimes we need a few moments to think before we speak. Those silences are not dead, but full of life, so we didn’t edit them out. Also some explicit language so earmuffs for the bubs. A ‘think tank’ session with some of the mob at the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab, beginning the process of how we might engage with financial instruments, how we might navigate the economic system in our work while maintaining a firm grounding in Lore and Law, and what The Big Lebowski might have to do with all this, because Nanna Davis was watching the movie in the background throughout. Also some interesting robot translations of JD singing in Aboriginal language at the start. Our first public sharing of our yarns and opening protocols when we begin exploring a potential research topic. Rough as guts, but right as rain.

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